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Jennifer Swopes

Star Consultant

(575) 760-3216

My Story

February 2020

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Jennifer Swopes, I am the proud mother of a 9-year old boy. He’s a keeps me on my toes and that’s to be expected…… I am; after all his mommy! My husband of almost 10 years is a Volunteer Firefighter as well as a dispatcher. As for me; I own and operate an Escape Room, in Clovis, New Mexico and most importantly........ I'm the Crazy Scentsy Lady!!

First let me start by thanking you for taking the time to read my story. Every person has their own reasoning behind the decisions they make for themselves and those they love. This is mine…….

I was first introduced to Scentsy by my baby sister in December 2010. I received a warmer and a few bars as a Christmas gift. I loved the way it made my house smell! I've been in love every since.

For a LONG time I thought I could sell Scentsy and become a consultant, but I didn't know how any of this worked let alone anybody to contact for a sponsor. Let me be totally honest; I had NEVER been to a Scentsy party! (To this day the only Scentsy party I have attended is one that I was the Consultant for.) My cousin became a consultant; and well, after a few months of contemplating the decision, I'm happy I made it!

I joined October 27, 2014 and in my first month I did $2,004.02 in total sales. I made my initial $118.00 investment back in my first month. I have earned the “Shooting Star Award”, several “Monthly Sales Award” ($2,000 Sales in a Single Month), and I ended my 70 day “Scentsational Start” at a Level 2! I did all these things and you can too! I am now 5 years in and am a Star Consultant with a team of twelve.

If you're interested, I’d be delighted to give you additional information on any of the awards I have listed or answer any other questions you have about my personal experiences. I assure you, Scentsy is an AWESOME company and I am having a BLAST!! The extra income is nice too!!

I encourage everybody to contact me with any questions they may have about the many products and opportunities Scentsy has to offer.

Browse my site.... If you LIKE it, place an order. If you LOVE it and you’re interested in earning some free stuff..... By all means, lets PARTY! There are several party options to choose from, I'm sure we can make one work for you! Do you LOVE Scentsy products? If you’re interested in making new friends, getting out of the house, having an all around good time, want to get product for yourself at a discount or just want some extra income, WHATEVER YOUR REASON; JOIN my team. I’m here to help you succeed!

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